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Probate does not have to intimidate Maryland residents

Many Maryland residents may make avoiding certain legal proceedings the goal of their estate plans. However, probate does not necessarily have to be looked upon as a negative process. In fact, some individuals may be able to go through a simpler planning process if they do not have the desire to avoid such proceedings. 

4 reasons to contest a will

If your loved one left behind a last will and testament, that document will likely act as the touchstone for the handling of the deceased's estate. This document likely discloses instructions on the distribution of assets, guardians for minor children and other pertinent information. However, you may find yourself wondering about the validity of the will, and if strong reasons exist for this concern, you may wish to consider contesting the document.

Benefits of a will may suit Maryland residents needs

Many individuals strive to have an organized life. However, they may overlook some important aspects of organization when it comes to estate planning. Therefore, before making big decisions regarding an estate plan, Maryland residents may wish to find out information regarding the benefits of having a will. 

Probate court claims could draw out estate administration

When an individual dies, there is a chance that money could still be owed to creditors. In many instances, parties who are owed money may file a claim with the probate court in order to determine whether they will receive the money they believe they are owed. Maryland residents may be interested in one such case currently underway in another state.

Conflicts could complicate estate administration in Maryland

Handling an estate left behind by a recently deceased loved one can be a trying and emotional time for surviving Maryland families. Estate administration can sometimes become a complicated procedure, and if there are any conflicts or disputes, additional time and actions may be needed in order for the administration to continue. Because this type of endeavor is sensitive, there are a variety of reasons that conflict could arise.

Should Maryland residents list personal items in a will?

When considering end-of-life decisions, many Maryland residents may think about to whom they would like to bequeath certain assets. However, they may also be unsure as to whether they need to list every personal item in a will in order to ensure that those items are distributed to the desired individuals. Luckily, there are options for addressing such concerns.