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Creditors cannot pursue power of attorney for debts in Maryland

It is common for older people to have their mental abilities become diminished as they age. A power of attorney document specifies a person who will be responsible for making financial and medical decisions when one becomes incapacitated or mentally incompetent and therefore unable to make decisions for oneself. The person named in a financial power of attorney document can make financial decisions for the incapacitated individual which means possibly having to deal with any remaining debts owed in Maryland or in any other state.

Common estate administration mistakes in Maryland

It is best to begin estate planning as soon as possible since it will make the process easier and more efficient in the long run. Once a person has a plan created to implement the estate administration process he or she will simply have to update the plan periodically in order to ensure assets are distributed as intended. However, there are various common mistakes which people in Maryland and other states should be careful not to make.

Digital assets should be part of estate administration plans

With the advance of technology, people's lives are becoming more digitized with much of their financial and personal lives being stored online. This can make life more convenient in most cases in Maryland and other states. However, it can also cause problems during estate administration if one does not take certain variables into consideration when creating an estate plan. There are several important aspects to consider when creating a digital estate plan.

Pets should be included in estate administration plans

Most people treat their pets as if they were members of their own family on a daily basis. However, when it comes to planning for estate administration many people will forget to take their pets into consideration. This can cause problems in Maryland or in another other state. Without taking pets into consideration there may be nobody able to care for the pets after their owners pass away.