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Estate administration laws reached stability in Maryland

Estate planning has recently become more stable as a result of decisions made by lawmakers at the beginning of the year. However, prior to that, planning for estate administration was in constant flux due to estate tax laws often changing. Now with the generous tax exemptions for estates in Maryland and other states, many people are deciding to solidify an effective estate plan.

Power of attorney important for college students in Maryland

Many parents worry when their young adult children leave for college. They know the world is unpredictable and that lack of life experience can leave their adult college students vulnerable in Maryland or in any other state. This is why parents should take the right legal precautions in order to protect their young adult children from being put in a difficult position when they become incapacitated. A power of attorney document will enable parents to make medical and financial decisions on behalf of their young adult children when they are not able to make them for themselves.

Wills and living trusts can help with estate administration

One can never be too prepared. This is true for almost every aspect of life. However, many people in Maryland and other states are not aware that this is true even when planning for one's own death. Although it is not a cheery topic, planning for estate administration is important for everybody, no matter the amount of assets a person may own.

IRS may allow more annuity options after estate administration

An annuity is a financial product that grows funds transferred from a person and then begins making a series of payments at a later specified time. Usually people will time the annuity to mature during retirement years in Maryland and elsewhere. On the other hand, when a person dies before an annuity matures a death benefit is paid out to a beneficiary, who is usually the intended heir during estate administration. However, this leaves some options for the heir to consider making in terms of how to receive the death benefit.