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Maryland delegate proposes new estate administration law

With so much attention being devoted to the debate over the federal estate tax, many people forget that some states also have their own estate tax laws. However, one state delegate in Maryland has not forgotten about her state's estate taxes. She is attempting to decrease the tax burden levied on small businesses, which could make formulating an estate administration strategy more financially advantageous.

Maryland residents: Health care power of attorney gift to family

The health care power of attorney was one of the main topics discussed at events held in Maryland and all across the country recently in honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day. Every April 16th has been devoted to the importance of advance care planning. Of all the information that was presented, one thing was heard over and over: a health care power of attorney may be the best gift that you ever give your family.

Protecting the elderly in Maryland from power of attorney fraud

It is an unfortunate truth that the elderly are often targets of unscrupulous con artists. There are many elderly people in Maryland that have executed a power of attorney naming a person in their lives that they trust as their attorney-in-fact that will betray that trust and use the power of attorney to steal from the elderly person that trusted him or her. Protecting unsuspecting elderly family members from this type of fraud is paramount.